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Get to Know the types of Wood Furniture for your Dream Home

First furniture made using wood intact without connection to be more robust because of its thickness. Because of the limited supply of wood and then people make furniture using wood that was dialled. Now the wood is increasingly rare so that any wood waste is utilized and processed into plywood, MDF, HDF, particle board and then made into furniture.

Until this time the wooden furniture is the type most widely used in households. From chairs, tables, beds, storage of even any use in the kitchen cabinet furniture made of wood. To get the quality and price you want, it's good you know the type of wood and its pros and cons before deciding to make or purchase furniture.

1. Solid Wood

Solid wood is strongest and most durable in comparison to processed wood. However limited its preparation so that the price is very expensive. Process any work requiring special skills. Drying must be perfect to avoid shrinkage of wood moving both properties. Wood is commonly used in Indonesia for furniture is teak wood, wood and timber, nyatoh sungkai and some kind of wood such as mahogany, pine, cedar and ramin

2. Teak Wood

teak woodTeak wood is the most widely sought after because of its quality, resilience against weather conditions, resistant to termites, and fibers. This wood is a lot of first-class wood processed into fine furniture. This type of furniture is very sought after by foreign tourists so that export demand always increasing from year to year.

Teak color is light brown, brownish gray to reddish brown. Though hard and strong wood is easily cut and shaped. So the beauty of fiber and natural-looking wood fibres, finishing can use PU (polyurethane).

3. Plywood

plywoodPlywood wood is processed we are familiar with the term triplex or mutipleks. Plywood is formed from several sheets of wood glued together with high pressure. Its thickness varies from 3 mm, 4 mm, 9 mm and 18 mm and extent of 244 x 122 cm. Thickness of plywood to determine strength and stability.

This type of wood is the most common material used as the maker of kitchen sets, wardrobe, a desk and a bed. Because the plywood has a plain surface and does not have a typical fiber then it sometimes needs to be given an additional coating like venner (sliced thin wood) PVC. The price of plywood is cheaper than solid wood but more expensive than other processed wood.

4. Blockboard

blockboardBlockboard is pieces of wood into small squares (about 2.5 – 5 cm) are compacted with machines and given venner upholstery on both sides so that it becomes a sheet resembling a Board. Its thickness can be 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm and breadth equal to multiplex.

Blockboard is usually made from soft wood so it's not as strong as plywood. Price slightly below the plywood. This type of block board that are widely available are the teakblock (wear layer venner teak). Good enough to make the shelf, cabinet or kitchen set.

5. MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard )

MDFMDF is made from fine wood powder and resin bonded chemicals and compacted with high temperature and pressure. The wood used is usually extracted from the wood of the rest of the estate or bamboo. This makes the MDF is more environmentally friendly. The shape is in the form of boards or sheets ready cut according to your needs. A version of the more solid and stronger known as HDF (High Density Fibreboard).

MDF is very flexible so it's easy to set up. Size and strength are consistent. However due to wear chemical resin, MDF heavier than Plywood and particle board. MDF in the market have a very varied types of finishing of wood, paints, PVC, venner HPL laminate or paper. Color and any design can be made very diverse

Furniture MDF materials commonly used to wear to practical furniture of mass produced by the factory. Knock down system is used in almost all of the furniture industry by using the dowel (a small plastic or wooden rods) or connecting bolt that make the products can be disassembled easily install.

6. Particel Board

particel-boardParticle board made from wood particles remaining work such as sawdust, small pieces of wood, wood splinters and resin bonded chemicals with high pressure and then dried. The process is more or less similar to the MDF, MDF material is just smoother and more uniform particle board while the more rugged and irregular.

Particle board prices cheapest among other processed wood. His greatest enemy is water so it has limitations in its use in households. If the material is wet then its power will be lost. In addition particle board can also be curved if withstand heavy loads.

In the process of finishing. particle can not be in the paint or coating in due coarsetexture. So to cover the surface wear layer, laminate veneers or fancy paper laminate that is glued together. Take heart because particle board could not wear nail or screw coupled. Usually manufacturers use a kind of special screws or adhesive to install furniture made of particle board.

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