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9 Strategies for Making a Large Room Feel Comfortable

The great room also presents some challenges of its own such as your example of living in apartments have a living room with a very high ceiling – or have a lot of space to be filled in, some of these ideas will help you to make the room still feels balanced and also comfortable.

9 Strategies for Making a Large Room Feel Comfortable
Strategies for Making a Large Room Feel Comfortable

1.Potted plants at strategic places
The vertical height of the content in a room that has the sky – sky high or blank with potted plants.
As long as you get enough light to support the needs of the plants, then add plants in the large House is the best way.

2. Paint the walls with 2 color patterns
While the plant is high in a pot is a nice view to the eye and more accentuate the sky – sky high, sometimes you may even want the opposite effect.

The paint on the wall is a way to create a comfortable feeling, fool the eye so the sky – sky look lower than they really are.


3. Swap coffee table with Ottomans
Seating arrangements that will fill the void between the distance of the sofa with coffee table. Choose ottoman (Chair without arms and backrest) are large and not a traditional coffee table, so that it will close the distance and also adds to the softness at once.

4. Use a chair with legs form X
Use one or more of the seat without backrest with a foot-shaped mark x or cross placed surround a seating area or to fill the void on the other side of the seating area. In addition, you can also add a footstool (seat without backrest with footwear) and also the side table or desk side.

5. Use the daybed to a limiting space
In a very large-sized living room, you would certainly hope to be have two seating areas, marked at a distance with a separator such as furniture day bed (large seating and sleeping) or bench is the best option.

6. Specify areas with console table
Another option that you can use to divide the living room area is to use the couch floating (floating sofa) in the middle of the room and place the console table (small table) behind the couch.

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7. Add a folding partition for added convenience
In the big room and open, you may want to create an area that is more closed and folding partition is the most appropriate choice.

Place the folding partition right behind the sofa so that it will create the impression of a more slender without impeding the path passed by in the area.

8. Fill the room with the Division of L shape
Large and modern room is the right area to use the large L-shaped sofa and will make the room feel very comfortable.

9. Fill the empty wall
In the large room, the best way you can do is take away from the wall, furniture create a comfortable setting on the belly button of the room.

To address part of the empty walls, one of the furniture that you can use to fill the void areas of the walls is by placing a console table in front of a blank wall and 2 benches.

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