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Surplus Furniture from Teak Wood

Surplus Furniture from Teak Wood - Almost all of the people who will be looking for information before buying new furniture mainly furniture and furniture, and will almost certainly find information on teak wood furniture. One of the things that will be crossed in the selection of potential buyers is a Chair or a table made from teak wood is consistently being in the ranks of the most expensive wood. Why? The reason is that teak wood does have advantages in terms of elegance and durability. In addition to its beauty, teak also has some natural properties not possessed by other types of wood.

Teak wood has always been a valuable material. Tectona grandis tree by the name it is native to the tropics, such as Indonesia. Since about the 7th century, teak has been used for clothes and decorate the place of residence of the rich and powerful. This reputation spread to other areas brought by the Netherlands when Indonesia invaded. They use wood for shipbuilding because teak is able to withstand a large ship and its ability to withstand the decay.

teak wood
Teak Wood Furnitures

Teak wood found in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, but perhaps there is no other Government that defeated the seriousness in handling Indonesia teak wood. Since the postcolonial era that began in the mid-20th century, the Government of Indonesia has had a company dedicated to managing one of the nation's natural resources are the most valuable. PT Perhutani is teak Plantation who defended the Agency official on the island of Java, Indonesia. Here, it's been determined the number of trees that can be harvested each year. Each tree was replaced with a new one that is grown in plantations.

Because the best wooden furniture or furniture made of teak wood comes from trees that are old, certainly can take about 80 years before the teak trees planted today can be harvested for timber use. Because the quality is good, old teak utilized as fully as possible, such as from the old structure will be torn down and molded into furniture.

The value and benefits of Teak wood furniture

It is quite obvious that the quality of the teak wood is above average wood pine or oak. But what causes this difference? The answer lies in natural oils and SAP found in the teak wood.

There are many natural oils and resin snaps right into tight wooden fibers. All trees contain oils that protect trees, such as SAP or oil tree. Teak trees can maintain oil and resin even after it is cut and processed. Therefore, teak has a natural resistance to weather, more powerful than almost all kinds of other wood. When it is dried to the proper moisture level (about 10% of its original condition) of oil and mucilage makes the wood resistant to weather. 
Oil also protects the wood from the moldiness, which is a common problem on the wood furniture was old. What's more, oil and resin to protect the core of wood from disorders such as fungi and parasites that can damage the wood? Protecting the regular wooden furniture from the disturbances require special care and oil, but not so with teak wood.

All this makes teak becomes the perfect material for furniture and furniture to your home. During the turn of the weather and climate over time, the wood will stay afloat. Although a quite expensive teak furniture, you can put aside the cost of routine maintenance and buy furniture teak wood almost without the need for additional protection. Because teak wood is also a very durable and powerful, the use of teak wood outdoor reliable resilience over the years. In the caves of Western India, furniture made of teak wood found more than 2,000 years ago to this day still intact.

Even so, there are several different types of teak wood with varying quality. One type of hardwood is called sapwood (outer layer, part gubal soft newly formed between wood and leather), do not have as strong as teak tree core itself. The tree grows out from the Center so that the natural oils of the tree mostly on the bottom line. This is what makes the middle part of the teak wood is worth more than the edges, or section gubal which ultimately creates a level-level of quality teak wood. In addition,a tree has a lot more edge than the core, which also has an effect on price increases.

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